My art is my wonderland, built with brush and paint. Inspired by my inner child, Salvador Dali's mustache, the bizarre figures of medieval artwork and Peter Pan's philosophy to life: never grow up, it's the only way to stay creative and to see that life is full of wonder

To paint is to log out of reality and the annoying, earthly problems of adulthood. I plug in to my own handcrafted world where I can express lovely and mysterious dreams. Ever since I learned how to use my fingers to to scribble, art has been part of my life. I started on my parents bedroom wall – drawing animals, vampires, witches and people around me on the wallpaper. Now a bit older and wiser, I usually use canvas instead of a wall (if asked nicely, I can still do a proper wall painting). But the dreamy reality and my colorful, charming people are still the stories of my paintings. And the fascinating animals have always occupied a privileged place in my paintings.. By the way, my name is Lola Annabel Kass and I am Estonian art historian who also enjoys painting.